Radio Interview, Richard Coulton and Matthew Mauger, ‘Tè imperiale’ (Imperial Tea), Laser with Chiara Sulmoni, RSI Rete Due, 30 June 2016

Online Interview, Markman Ellis, ‘3 Women Who Made England Mad for Tea’, The Kitchn (article by Anne Bramley), 27 May 2016

Online Article: Markman Ellis, ‘Why Britain is losing its taste for tea – and how hipsters could revive it’, The Conversation, 18 Feb 2016

Radio Interview: Markman Ellis, ‘Why Does the World Love Drinking Tea?’, The Why Factor with Mike Williams, BBC World Service, Sep 2015

Video: Markman Ellis, Richard Coulton, Matthew Mauger, Britain and the Taste for Tea, QMUL Official YouTube Channel, Sep 2015

Radio Interview: Markman Ellis, ‘How Britain Fell in Love with Tea’, World Update with Dan Damon, BBC World Service, Jun 2015

Press Release: ‘Fancy a 300-year old cuppa? Researchers uncover the oldest tea in Britain‘, Queen Mary University of London, 27 May 2015 (picked up by outlets including The Times and Daily Telegraph)

Newspaper Interview: Richard Coulton and Matthew Mauger, ‘Pot luck: tea researchers find Britain’s oldest cuppa‘, Guardian, 26 May 2015

Guest Blogger: Markman Ellis, ‘Tea and the Tea-Table’, for Canton Tea Company, April-June 2011

Radio Interview: Markman Ellis, ‘Tea Tables’, Thinking Allowed with Laurie Taylor, BBC Radio 4, Feb 2010


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