The QM History of Tea project plans to use this page to post links to interesting and useful resources for its own research, and for tea history and culture more broadly.

Website Date Added
Melange Tea
Tea essays historical and contemporary by Boris Ginsburgs, formerly curator of the sadly defunct Codex Thea.
Cha Dao
Discontinued but fascinating blog (2005-11) dedicated to tea and tea culture.
Tea Guy Speaks
A smart, suitably irreverent tea blog.
The English Tea Store Blog
Regular posts on tea history and culture, maintained by a commercial tea retailer in the USA.
Biblioteca Sinica 2.0
Academic project to produce a digital bibliography (and more) for understanding Sino-Western encounters prior to 1939.
Basic Tea-ology
Blog post summarising the nutritional properties and physiological effects of tea.
Tea, by Kendra Wilhelm
A brief history of tea, with a Sri Lankan slant and decent bibliography.
Tea Squared
Regular, informed blog posts on contemporary and historical tea culture, predominantly in North America and Europe.
Tea Pages on Naturalistic Spoon
Not a tea website (its principal focus is Rococo silverware), but there are a couple of well researched and extensive pages on tea in Europe and (more specifically) in England.
Site dedicated to ‘the wisdom of tea’, this contains a wealth of regular posts not only on the European history of tea, but also on Chinese tea culture (including translations of Chinese poetry).

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