On a Cup of Tea, Spilt

Samuel Whyte, 1733-1811, ‘Epigram. On a Cup of Tea, spilt in a Lady’s Lap’ (1772)

This verse epigram was first featured in a blog post made in July 2014.


Mourn not, AMIRA, that to Love’s Abode
The warm, adventurous Stream presum’d to press.
Not Chance, but some unseen, admiring God
In rapturous Ardor sought the sweet Recess:


Nor doubt what Deity, so greatly bold,
In Form unusual thus should visit thee;
The God, who ravish’d in a Shower of Gold,
Can charm the Fair-one in IMPERIAL TEA.


Bibliographical reference: Samuel Whyte, The Shamrock: or, Hibernian cresses. A collection of poems, songs, epigrams, &c. Latin as well as English, the original production of Ireland. To which are subjoined, thoughts on the prevailing system of school education, respecting Young Ladies as well as Gentlemen: with Practical Proposals for a Reformation. By Samuel Whyte, Principal of the English Grammar School (Dublin, 1772), p. 356.


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